I never make decisions quickly. However, I did when I first hired TL SERVICES, INC. – and I am so glad I did.

I had never heard of TL SERVICES, INC. before I called them, and I didn’t know who there were, but now, years later, I can tell you that hiring them to take care of my appliances and air conditioner was a great decision. Now I’ve been using them for years and they never fail to respond and fix the problem quickly. Once they fixed my air conditioner and stove, they never failed.


I had a nasty leak under my Maytag dishwasher, so I called TL SERVICES, INC. Based on their reviews. I was a bit miffed that they wouldn’t give me an estimate over the phone but had them come over anyway. TL SERVICES, INC. made an appointment (I called them at 8 a.m. the same day) and they arrived early. The technician was very nice and quoted me a very reasonable price once he inspected it and determined what the problem was with my dishwasher problem. He fixed everything, stayed to see if the leak reoccurred, and left everything spic and span. GOOD job all around. If and when I have more appliance issues, I’m definitely giving them a call.


TL SERVICES, INC. is the best appliance repair company we've ever hired. They are unfailingly honest, conscientious, thorough, clean, and really nice to our dog. We've had problems with our Kenmore refrigerator. The freezer part was working but the refrigerator was warm and I had to throw the food out several times. Anyway, the TL SERVICES, INC. technician who came over was an experienced, professional, and respectful, had a friendly attitude, and provided satisfactory service. He fixed my refrigerator the same day and since then the refrigerator has been working perfect. A good appliance repair man is something everybody who owns a place is going to need sooner or later. I like TL SERVICES, INC.